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Chaco Fit and Advantage

Arch Support for a More Efficient Stride

There's a reason people refuse to take off our footwear-it all begins with arch support (BioCentric). With the assistance of a certified pedorthist, we designed the contours of our footbed to control pronation and maximize performance. Our BioCentric™ footbed ensures a supported, comfortable stride in any activity and as a result, has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Over Pronation Can Lead To Injury

To absorb shock, the foot naturally pronates (flexes and rolls). Over pronation occurs when the foot rolls too far inward resulting in stress on the muscles and tendons of the foot. This stress can radiate through the body causing a series of injures.

Chaco Arch Support From Head to Toe

Nearly 80% of the population over pronates, which can lead to a variety of injuries throughout the body. Chaco BioCentric Fit controls pronation and may help prevent or correct the following injuries:

    •    Neck: Reduces the occurrence of posture-related neck ailments.
    •    Back: Minimizes strain on the back muscles and helps maintain ptoper spinal alignment.
    •    Hips: Prevents internal roatation of the femur, which alleviated pelvic tilt and reduces strain on the hamstring and gluteus muscles.
    •    Femur: Reduces internal rotation and eliminates strain on the IT band, decreasing IT band friction syndrome.
    •    Knee: Alleviated strain on the knee joint, preventing bursitis and medial knee injusry (77% of knee injuries occur because of faulty mechanics of the foot).
    •    Shins: Reduces torsional strain on the tibial muscle structure and the incidence of shin splints.
    •    Foot: Helps prevent over pronation, plantar fascitis, and various injuries to the foot.


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